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Body Fat Scale

Brands: RENPHO
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Body Fat Scale In Pakistan At Starting Price Of Rs 4000 PKR - Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Quetta, And All Other Major Cities Of Pakistan

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Body Fat Scale In Pakistan

Fitness apps can be used in conjunction with the Renpho smart app. Work with Google Fit and the Fitbit app, simple setup app. Renpho already has millions of satisfied consumers worldwide. (Eligible for FSA and HSA). 13 crucial physical measurements. The body's weight is displayed on the scale, and the app also stores information about the body's weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. Observe how everyone's measurements change with the Renpho app. easy-to-use app. Download the Renpho app from Google Play or the App Store. Renpho is compatible with Apple Watch (except for Apple Watch Series 1). Working with Bluetooth 4.0 and higher is Renpho App.Superior Innovation. With a capacity of 400 lbs. or 180 kg, auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in 0.2 lb. or 0.05 kg increments. 4 extremely sensitive electrodes. A soft substance should be wrapped around the glass' four corners to prevent any objects from striking the scale's sides, especially the four corners of the surface-tempered glass.Track your development, allow limitless users, and enable baby weighing mode. Renpho integrates with other apps to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress, save historical data, and encourage you to achieve your goals. Use the infant weighing mode to weigh babies or pets; one scale may accommodate an endless number of users.

 How do they work?

  • The use of body fat scales is simple. Simply stepping on the scale allows the device to calculate your body weight and approximate fat percentage.
  • These scales function with the aid of bioelectrical impedance-based sensors located under your feet. A little electrical current that travels up your leg and across your pelvis when you step on the scale measures the resistance caused by body fat.
  • As the current passes back through your other leg, the scale's sensors detect the amount of resistance it encountered.
  • Depending on the body fat scale you have, the data may sync with any fitness applications you may have as well as your smartphone or smartwatch.
  • As a general rule,

Body Fat Scale Price In Pakistan Rs 4,000 PKR.

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A body fat scale is used to measure body composition, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more.

It uses bioelectrical impedance to estimate body composition by sending a low electrical current through the body.

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Customer Reviews

Gulzar Ahmed Jalalpuri Verified Purchase
Nov 08, 2023

The order was earlier received than expected. Very easy to set up. The display is large and clear. I appreciate the seller reaching out and providing me instructions on how to use the scale and set up the app on my smartphone. Great experience.

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