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Kettlebell Rack 2 Tier in Pakistan

Brands: Rack 2 Tier
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Rs 79000 Rs 85000 You Save 6000

Depending on the weight of the kettlebell, kettlebells are Different in Rack according to the shelf. Each shelf is covered to guard your equipment.

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Kettlebell Rack 2 Tier in Pakistan

A smooth health clubnasium makes for glad health clubnasium go-ers. Get the ones kettlebells off the ground and in a secure region with this 2-Tier Kettlebell Rack. We even keep Slam Balls.

Kettlebell Rack 2 Tier in Pakistan. You can Effortlessly Buy them From us. Call us For an Order Cash on Delivery, Buy Now - Online BwPakistan.

Our two-tier kettlebell rack is a product of robust metal and is incredibly clean to prepare. The Rack may be prepared within 15 mins with an easy tightening of screws. Depending on the scale of the kettlebell, every degree can keep 10-15 kettlebells. It is right for organizing your property gym.

Kettlebell Rack 2 Tier Price In Pakistan is Rs. 7,9000/-

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This imported from Usa.

The kettlebell is used for exercises and to make muscles.

Twofold iron weight rack walk is a free load practice that focuses on the shoulders & likewise on the calves, lower arms, glutes, hamstrings, quads, arm muscles, abs, and obliques.

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syed zada Verified Purchase
Sep 13, 2022

A smooth health clubnasium makes for glad health clubnasium go-ers

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